Welcome to Bua Thai Kitchen! Learn Thai cuisine in Thai traditional house.

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Bua Thai Kitchen accept bookings for up to 12 students. Each intructor is assisted by 2 kitchen helpers so the instructor can fully be dedicated to his students.


Please come join us to learn Thai cuisine in a nice atmosphere.

Enjoy our Thai traditional house and its garden.




Come join us and learn to cook Thai food like a chef!


Call us now to book your course at 0829890995 or drop us an email @ buathaicookingschool@gmail.com


We will always do our best to accommodate people with special dietary needs, disabilities or allergies. And don’t worry you are always free to choose how spicy you want to make your food.


Our school is only 30 minutes to either of Bangkok’s airports so you may bring your luggage with you and go directly to the airport after class.



60/358 ซอยรามอินทรา 40 แยก 21 (ก.ม. 6)
ถนนรามอินทรา นวลจันทร์ บึงกุ่ม
กรุงเทพมหานคร 10230


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